Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ready for the final lap

Kyle and Jake spent a whole afternoon running around Harrisonburg, getting supplies and making deliveries and all three of us spent an evening together making and packaging more wax to get ready for our final hall. We set up a Facebook event and are using it like an order form . Anyone who is "attending" is essentially buying our product, so we message those members to let them know locations that any one of us will be for a period of time and also making deliveries when needed. We are getting closer to the profit goal at a selling pace of 2 or 3 every other day. Jake has one more "hit" to make on the Ski and Snowboard team this upcoming week that will bring in more than enough money to meet our goal. To better help people use the product and hopefully to help sell we created a short video that we put on the Facebook page to better show and explain what our product does. We have a fresh list of customers and a fresh bag of wax to sling. This is the last week and we're ready for it.

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