Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today is the Day!

After a very long semester researching our market and product potential Cool Wax will be pitching our idea to investors for our MGT 472 Venture Creation Class today at 3:30pm in Taylor Hall Rm. 306. Throughout the semester we have secured a manufacturer, identified our market, and assembled a business plan to establish the requirements to launch the business. Our plan is to start the business in January 2013. However, we will not be sleeping in the mean time...Jake is attending graduate school at the fantastic James Madison University, Bianca is pursuing a job with the government, and Kyle will be working in technology sales providing database solutions to the government. Each of us will strive to acquire new skills that can be beneficial towards Cool Wax's launch. When ready to launch we will first be targeting Virginia, and gradually moving into Vermont and Colorado. Our product has also changed since our last post. We continuously try and improve our product, and the new Cool Wax is a cylinder tube, similar to a chapstick. This makes the product more convenient and easy to use for customers. Please feel free to contact Kyle Houser with any questions. He can be contacted at igroup.jmu@gmail.com or houserkw@gmail.com. Thanks for your support!

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